The climate crisis is one significant and devastating consequence of a pro-capitalist economic system that relies on extraction, exploitation, and accumulation of wealth and resources for an elite few at the expense of the most vulnerable. Extreme weather events are more frequent and volatile now than they have ever been, and the climate crisis affects every aspect of our lives. Due to systemic racism, Black and Indigenous communities experience the worst of it, despite having contributed the least to this crisis.

Globally, scientists have shown that climate change is the leading threat of our time. At the same time, climate and environmental justice analysts illustrated that Black and Indigenous communities not only suffer the worst consequences of climate change—but are often driven into environmentally unsafe neighborhoods through discriminatory, anti-Black policies such as redlining and are excluded from decision-making conversations about the future of the planet.

M4BL believes Black communities deserve to have a say in important decisions that impact our daily lives and futures, to own and access land, breathe clean air, use clean water, and live away from environmental hazards imposed on us by big corporations. We must divest from extractive economies and invest in a sustainable future in defense of Black lives. The fight against climate change is a fight against anti-Black racism—the two oppressions are inextricably linked. Capitalism, inherently exploitative, tyrannical, and violent, is the connective tissue between these issues. Climate justice leaders have long connected the extraction of and profiteering off fossil fuels to that of Black bodies during chattel slavery and now with mass incarceration. And, so, today’s calls to defund police and invest in Black communities is a call for climate justice, too.

The Red, Black & Green New Deal is a blueprint for a sustainable, renewable future in defense of Black lives, and the first Black climate agenda in the U.S. Using the six key pillars of: water, energy, land, labor, economy and democracy = the RBGND initiative supports Black communities to better understand impacts and solutions of the global climate crisis. We know best what our communities need to survive ongoing severe weather conditions such as resilient, sustainable energy systems and resources to properly plan and recover from extreme weather events.

Sign the pledge and join the The Red, Black & Green New Deal and Black Climate agenda to address these disparities. Join the GLOBAL fight for climate justice now!


Take Climate Action Now
I understand that the Climate Crisis is real, and it impacts Black and Indigenous communities at a disproportionate rate. We need Climate Action NOW and I am adding my support to the RBGND’s effort to amplify its messaging, educate family and friends on the impact of the climate crisis!

I agree to receive emails and/or text messages from M4BL and the Red Black and Green New Deal and to take one or more of the following actions:

I commit to my own self- transformation to confront anti-Black racism and reduce my own climate footprint by 50% within 3 years.

I pledge to engage others in my church, workplace, school and community about the impact of climate on Black Lives and on ways to reduce its effects.

I pledge to advance democracy by holding my elected officials accountable to alleviate the impacts of climate on Black Lives.

I want to receive updates and information from M4BL and the Red Black and Green New Deal.