The Red Black and Green New Deal

A National Black Climate Agenda

A National Black Climate Agenda

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The Red Black and Green New Deal will be the first of its kind multifaceted initiative that is designed to educate, catalyze, and empower Black people to take actions that mitigate the impact of the climate crisis on our families and our communities. We are organizing to introduce a National Black Climate Agenda that includes federal legislation to address the climate crisis by investing in Black communities and repairing past harms.
Water is arguably the most controversial issue surrounding the Global impact of Climate on Black lives. Water, more than anything, is the baseline for all living things. Black people want to live in a clean and wholesome environment that provides access to clean, affordable, water. We have a human right to safe water and an equal right to its access. It is fundamental to a thriving community. We want our water to be safe, uncontaminated and we want our communities to be protected from the harms of water dictated by Climate Change.
Since the start of the industrial revolution our society has been designed to depend on the energy provided by fossil fuels. We realize that the Earth and the environment cannot sustain this reality. We understand that these systems are fallible. We want clean, reliable energy that does not damage the environment or produce harmful impacts on marginalized communities. We want affordable and reliable systems that are insulated against climate disasters and can ensure the Earth grows healthy for seven generations, and more.
Living in a safe, clean and thriving community is one of the hallmarks of America and a desire for most Americans. Black people are no different. We want to be able to purchase a home and own land that we can pass down to our children. We want fair treatment in the mortgage process. We want to live in areas with access to reliable, affordable services. We do not want to be concerned about floods, air pollution and the safety of our children’s food, public parks and lands. We don’t want to just survive, we want to thrive.
Working and earning a wage is how most of the world acquires the necessities that support our families and our lifestyles. Black people want to be able to provide for our families by earning a fair wage and working in a dignified, safe environment. We want to be able to afford healthcare and be protected from predatory practices in the workplace. We want to be able to work in industries that prepare us for disasters and insure ourselves from the trappings of poverty. We deserve to be valued for our Labor – past, present and future.
For most people, home is a refuge. Home is a place of security, family and community. Homeownership is a goal for a lot of us. We want stability in our communities and a safety from the things we cannot control. We want truth, fairness and accountability in our system of utility. Extreme weather events like the arctic freeze that struck Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana and Alabama have exposed the vulnerabilities within our nation’s infrastructure. Disparities in income, education, healthcare and more unveil the reality – systemic racism has led to disproportionate impacts on communities of color.
Government is designed to represent and protect its citizens. We want a fair system that prioritizes our civil rights, including the ability to vote in a free and fair election. We want to be able to make decisions that are representative of our communities and laws enacted that protect our civil liberties and rights to choose. We do not want to be subject to the politics that shift voter districts in an effort to manipulate funds and other resources to more affluent electorates. We want protections against extreme weather events and a framework of support during and after such events.

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M4BL is introducing a radical national Black Climate Agenda

The Red Black and
Green New Deal

Climate Justice is Racial Justice

At The Movement for Black Lives, we believe all Black people have the right to determine our own futures; where we can earn a decent living, purchase a home, raise a family and live in a safe community with access to reliable, clean and affordable services. We should be able to add our voice to the problems and solutions that impact our family and our community’s well being. We should be able to build a future around the things that are important to us, leaving a legacy of generational and cultural value for those that come after us.

The climate crisis is happening right now. Extreme weather events are becoming more and more frequent as they expose the vulnerabilities of those not able to adequately prepare for such emergencies. Black and Indigenous communities bear the brunt of these events that are exacerbated by other socio-economic factors like poverty, and systematic racism. We need investments in equitable climate solutions that center the concerns of Black communities.

Climate change is a bi-product of an economic system based on extraction, exploitation, accumulation through dispossession, and white supremacy. Climate change is not an isolated crisis, but a symptom of an economic system that jeopardizes the future of life on this planet. Climate change threatens everyone’s physical health, mental health, air water, food and shelter but some groups, especially the socially and economically disadvantaged, face greater risks than others. This is because where they live, income, health, language barriers and limited access to resources is usually an indication that these are communities of color, immigrants, low-income and people whose native language is not English.

The impacts of Climate change on Black Lives will continually get worse if we don’t take Climate Action now.

Download this new report by Greenpeace USA, Movement for Black Lives, and Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy.

This is the most comprehensive analysis to date of fossil fuel racism and how fossil fuel production is creating a public health crisis for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor communities.

The Red Black and Green New Deal Climate Summit 2021

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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